Who we are

The organization is well known for its excellence in carring out projects such as the award winning feature film 'Abo So', the multidisciplinary educational project 'Tribi Soña' and the cultural awareness project 'Biba Cultura'. CINEARUBA's films have showcase Aruba to the world.

Fundacion CINEARUBA, formerly AVI-Audiovisual Institute of Aruba, is an independent not-for-profit organization established in 2010 by Aruban filmmaker Juan Francisco Pardo.
CINEARUBA started as an educational organization, devoted to developing an active audiovisual culture in Aruba through educational programs (Learn), practical projects (Make/Do) and screening (Watch).

In 2015 CINEARUBA expended its goals and services to benefit the educational, creative, cultural, and social sector.
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Our Goals

Our Strategy

Execution & Tactics

The organization is about more than just making film. We are committed to provide:
Talent development, Professional training, Artistic platform, Talent showcasing, Cultural engagement, Cultural awareness, Scocial interactiona, Social development and Collective collaboration.
With educational and creative programs that have strong cultural values CINEARUBA will contribute to the intelectual and social development of the community. The present young generation thrives on media technology. CINEARUBA makes use of the audiovisual media to help accomplish its goals.
By establishing a Film Center, Online Resource and a Youth Club, CINEARUBA will provide a platform to reach out to the community and to help accomplish our objectives.

CINEARUBA will  use social-media, cross-media and cross-art to achieve our purposes.