Awards & Festival Selections

6 Film Awards, 26 Film Festival Screenings

Alto Vista
Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival '15, Aruba Int'l Film Festival '15, *Aruba Flavor Jury Award, TFF '16 Guyana, THCFF '16 Miami, Int'l Humanist Short Film Festival '17 Montreal.
Awa Brak
Abo So
Aruba Int'l Film Festival '12, *Aruba Flavor Audience Award, Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival '12, *Special Mention. Special screening
at Made in NY Media Center by IFP New York.
Selections and Awards:
- Aruba International Film Festival 2013
* Caribbean Spotlight Series Audience Award
- Caribbean Tales Toronto Film Showcase 2013
- Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2013
- Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014
* Yellow Robin Award - Nominated
- DC Caribbean Film Festival USA 2014
- Belize International Film Festival
* Best Narrative Feature
- Ariano International Film Festival Italy 2014
- Bahamas International Film Festival 2014

10 Ave Maria
AIFF '11, TTFF'11, *Best Short Film Jury Award, BIFF '11, CTFF '12 Barbados, RFF '12 Jamaica, Montreal Int'l Black Film Fest '12, 34th FINCLA Cuba, Timehri Film Festival '17 Guyana.

Abo So

Best Narrative Feature -Belize Int'l Film Festival

We have identified potential, quality and home grown talent, with success including: The award-winning musical film Abo So (2013), a film depicting the community spirit on a small island as youngsters come together to realize their dreams.

Abo So is Aruba's first feature film in Papiamento and also the first musical locally produces for the cinema.

It is the first film in the history of the Aruba International Film Festival that was simultaneously screened in two rooms at its opening night with sould-out rooms.

In addition Abo So is the first Aruban film that had a theatrical release in local theatres and the first film in Aruba that was sold out 16 times in a row.

Abo So is the first Aruban film to receive a 'Yellow Robin Award' nomination at the Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam.

It is the first film based on the memorable songs composed by Aruba's most celebrated musician Padu del Carinbe, including never before released songs.

Abo So was the fist Aruban film to be officially selected to screen at the DC Caribbean Film Festival Washington DC, Ariano Int'l Film Festival Italy, and the Toronto Film Showcase Canada.
  1. Access
    Our film projects have provided emerging talents and specially youngsters with access to a platform where they could increase their creativity within the film community and showcase their talent to the rest of the world.
  2. Opportunities
    Our award-wining short films have put Aruba on the map as a serious contender in the art of storytelling and it have open the doors for others to follow and to believe, no matter how small Aruba is, that we can still achieve big things.
  3. Growth
    Our multidisciplinary projects have contributed to the professional development of emerging filmmakers and actors providing tailored educational resources for a sustained and extensive reach.