Ciudad Oraño
Aruba's first fictional television series.
Shortcutz Aruba
The emerging talents platform.
Rooftop Film Club
An open-air cinematic experience.
Ciudad Oraño
Aruba's most anticipated television series will premiere later this year.

Ciudad Oraño is Aruba's first fictional television series that narrates the story of a group of young people living in Oranjestad. The five-episode event series is produced exclusively for the small screen. Principal photography took place in November 2016 when the youth worked alongside professionals during the production of the show.

Ciudad Oraño will be broadcasted on Telearuba channel 13, on TDS Curacao and on MiTv Bonaire. The series will also be avaiable internationally, through Telearuba's  web application platform and CINEARUBA's YouTube Channel. 

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Shortcutz Aruba
The Shortcutz Network an international short film movement is now expanding to Aruba. After the acknowledged success in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Faro, London, Madrid, Oporto and Rio, Aruba got a go for its own version.

Shortcutz Aruba provides a platform for both emerging and established talents to showcase their work with the local community and abroad. Besides showcasing local talents, Shortcutz Aruba also organizes talks and masterclasses conducted by national and international filmmakers that give locals the opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

At the beginning of 2018 we will have an award ceremony when the jury will select the winners of different categories. Find out more at
Rooftop Film Club
A cinema on a roof, in the heart of Oranjestad, which offers an open-air cinematic experience to its visitors, who can enjoy, classic, art house, and regional films under the stars. Film lovers can eat fabulous food, enjoy cold drinks and watch their favourite movies on the big screen in a completely unique urban environment.

The concept of pop up cinema has been drawing attention worldwide, and outdoor cinemas are becoming a trend. CINEARUBA brought this concept to Aruba through the Rooftop Film Club to offer a cozier and enjoyable alternative to standard movie theatres.

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