1. 10 Ave Maria
    CINEARUBA's fist narrative short film, won best short film jury award at the Trinidad and Tobago film festival.
  2. Awa Brak
    CINEARUBA's second narrative short film, which also won an award at the Aruba international film festival.
  3. Abo So
    CINEARUBA's first feature-lenght movie and musical. Abo So won two awards; one at the Aruba int'l film festival and one at the Belize int'l film festival.
  4. Tribi Soña
    A multidisciplinary educational project consisting of screen acting, music production and filmmaking workshops. This project was connected to Abo So.
  5. Biba Cultura
    A cultural awareness project that promoted the heritage and traditions of Aruba through various campaigns created by a group of young people.
  6. Alto Vista
    CINEARUBA's third narrative short film that talks about social issues such as domestic violence. Alto Vista screened in Miami and Montreal.
  7. Into Acting
    A platform for talent development through multidisciplinary, creative, educational, and social programs.
  8. Shoot2Capture
    A series of practical workshops on the field of camera, sound, and acting. This project was connected to Ciudad Oraño.
  9. Cuidad Oraño
    CINEARUBA's first fictional television series made exclusively for the small screen. This project was connected to Into Acting Youth Club.
  10. Rooftop Film Club
    A cinema on a roof in the heart of Oranjestad, which offers an open-air cinematic experience to its visitors.
  11. Shortcutz Aruba
    A film platform for emerging talents, industry professionals and film lovers, with monthly screenings, film competitions, and int'l guest speakers.
  12. Cinecortico
    A online short film platform that showcase a collection of short films made in Aruba or by local talents.
Caribbean Film Series
Film Into School
The untitled film project
2018: The Caribbean Film Series Aruba, an international film showcase with events in New York and London, is a partnership between the Caribbean Film Academy and CINEARUBA. This event will bring the community together to celebrate the caribbean culture diversity.
2019: This program gives the opportunity to students from secundary (high) schools the opportunity to learn all the fundamentals of the art of filmmaking. The students will work together in groups with the objective of producing a short film.
2020: Original content is what made us stand out from the start. In 2020 Fundacion CINEARUBA is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new feature-length film that will be made specially for theatrical distribution.