Cine Indie

Sound and Music

How to make a movie on a small budget?
Dream big, but think smart: if you adapt to the available resources we have in Aruba without limiting your creativity you can still make a decent (feature) film.

This 12-month course focus on the  six stages of film production: development, pre-production, production, post-production, distribution and promotion, everything in the most efficient and low cost possible way. During this course each participant will write, produce and direct its own short film. At the end, all short films will be combined into a feature film which will be distributed to cinemas. Together, participants will work in group to create promotional materials and marketing strategies.

Skills development: Scriptwriting, Producing, Directing, Graphic Design and Film Marketing.
Certificate: Yes
The sound is a key ingredient to keep the audience immersed in the text; it can also be used to create a certain mood or lead the viewer into feeling different emotions.

During this course, we will focus on the fundamental aspects of sound and music: location sound, sound design, film music, mixing and mastering.
Participants will learn different techniques to record better sound without interference, also explore different concepts of film scoring and sound design. The participants will work together with the students of the Cine Indie course, where they will expand their skills on sound production and post-production processes.

Skills development: Sound Recording, Composing, Editing and Post-production.
Certificate: Yes

Age: 18+

Age: 18+

Guerilla Filmmaking

This hands-on workshop is specially designed for the youth!
This is a two-week workshop where the participants will explore the art of storytelling by grabbing the camera, pointing and shooting.

Participants will receive guidance and on-the-field support by professionals, introduction to acting, camera and sound, directing and editing. They will work in groups performing different filmmaking tasks.
At the beginning of the workshop the students will get a storyline that will be developed through the classes.

Age: 13 - 17

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