1. The CINEARUBA workshops succeeded my expectations. I learned a lot about the art of acting in front of a camera and about how you can tell a story through film. I developed a lot as a person both socially and creatively. One of the greatest perks of being part of the CINEARUBA family is that you meet people who like the same things as you!
    Josh Calderon
  2. I attended the acting workshop that led to the production of the musical film ‘Abo So’. That was so much fun! I ended up being the producer’s assistant. Here is where I learned so much about the production process. All the experience I gained during ‘Abo So’ I used it to produce my first short film titled “DINA” which was selected at the Aruba Short Film Festival 2015.
    Luty Martinez
  3. The 'Into Acting Youth Club' taught me anything is possible when you believe in yourself, and that working together as a team, with passion, we can achieve our dreams. Well, my dream is to eventually become a professional Actress, and CINEARUBA provided me the platform to improve my acting skills, to make new friends and get a chance to act in a television drama series.
    Jeniffer Acevedo
  4. Prior to CINEARUBA, educational programs on sound in filmmaking were something impossible to have on the island. I'm very happy that I attended CINEARUBA's Sound and Music workshop, I learned so much. It even opened doors for me, after participating I got the opportunity to work on this field for a local production company.
    Albert Bislick