Meet The Team

Best Team Ever!
  1. Raphaela Mahadeo
    Raphaela Mahadeo
  2. Addonsito Croes
    Addonsito Croes
  3. Adriano Nanof
    Adriano Nanof
    Music Producer and Sound Designer
  4. Luty Martinez
    Luty Martinez
  5. Leandro Cortellini
    Leandro Cortellini
    Language Consultant
CINEARUBA's projects are mostly collective team efforts, which delivers a more complete and valuable product.
We work together with organizations, freelancers, volunteers, and collaborators to achieve the desirable result.

We are always in search for new team members. At this moment we are looking for freelancers to collaborate with us on our future projects. We are looking for the following specialties: Focus Puller, Art Director, Wardobe Stylist, Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist. We are also looking for volunteers to assist during film or event productions.

Spotlight on our Collaborators

Leandro Cortellini is our Language consultant, packing 20+ years experience as an interpreter and translator, combined with more than a decade of video and audio production skills. His extensive history abroad, including five years in Aruba as part of the Convet Team in Noord, plus a resume from companies such as Motorola, Sony, and Volkswagen equips him as an all-around and dynamic collaborator to the CINEARUBA team.

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